Monday, 15 December 2008

Robin Hoods Hut

T'was in the village of Goathurst on the edge of the Quantock hills on the anniversary of my 58th birthday ...

This is why it was quite difficult explaining the building. You entered via the back door. It appeared a reasonably furnished though dour hermitage, thus designed do that when you opened the front door the contrast was breathtaking. You stood on a 12'sq diameter paved patio under an 18' high umbrello and looked out on a panorama that stretched from the Cheddar Mendips, past Weston, over the Severn estuary and past Minehead.

Our neighbours had a fine house too :)

Robin Hoods Hut looking back up the hill from the village.

50yds from the bedroom door, along the yellow brick road, a wooden hut fashioned after a druids temple, housed a wonderful bathroom suite with lashings of hot water. Quite unique.

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