Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Golden Triangle

The Daffodil Way is an eight-mile walk covered in wild daffodils which grow in a small area of north Gloucestershire and south Herefordshire. At one time they used to carpet the fields, but modern farming methods have decimated them over the last 50 years.
It's hard to imagine that in the 1930s special excursion trains brought thousands of Londoners to admire them each year. Sadly, the railway which brought the day trippers is long gone, but the daffodils remain, though in nothing like the same profusion.
Also en route is St Mary's churchyard at Dymock. As well as great tea n cakes there is an interesting display about the Dymock poets. St Mary's is part Saxon masonry, laid in a herringbone pattern, but dates mostly from the 14th Century. Dymock stands on the site of a Roman township and a lime avenue in the churchyard marks the line of a Roman road.

The daffodiles are starting to bloom now but are best viewed mid to late March. A different village hosts each weekend providing cream teas and hospitality.

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