Monday, 4 May 2009

Sis @ 60

Celebrated in style. If you have to turn 60 then Cyprus is the place to do it. Sun, sea n ratsina!

Stayed at the Dianna Gardens appartments in pafos - - yes the pool is that blue, lots of little extra's, well recommended. Slight walk outa town but no probs if you hire a car or taxis are regular, reliable with fixed reasonable charges - even to the airport.

One trip that was both interesting and a little disapointing at the same time was Nicosia - the divided city. When Marilyn and I were there some years ago you walked up the bustling greek streets to a breeze block wall overlooking the UN buffer zone to a part of the city that had stood still since the Turkish invasion of '74 - an amazing site as those who have been will know. Now it is being rehabilitated. They have made an industry out of crossing a road, through the greek customs then the Turkish customs, need a special day visa, just to cross the road. It is right that this part of the city is being used again, even if just for tourism, it was a waste. Bet those giant new minorettes right on the border annoy the orthadox n secularists alike when they call to prayer.

Pafos harbour is a wonderful place for strolling n people watching. It is also a cruising strip for those with vehicles to match their egos (and the young with drilled out silencers to make them sound like super sports cars :) Can recommend 'Tea for Two' as a great place to relax, take a drink of wine n watch the world go by.

Our car was a Mitsi Lancer. Heard they had a good reputation. Certainly comfortable but the car did seem a bit too heavy for the engine although it was a 1.8. Still the speed limits on the Island are understandably restrictive so no great prob.

When going up Troodos can recommend the 'Waterfall Cafe', they have made the most out of v little and was an interesting diversion.

So all in all a great break. Back to overcast skies, recession and swine flu :-/ Still those amazing escapologists, better known as Carlisle United beat the drop again by one point in the last game of the season with an unexpected win over Milwall (sorry to all Cobblers supporters).

If you want to see more pics/vidz of the trip tune into -

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