Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Gloucestershire’s Golden Triangle

The Daffodil Way in the Leadon Valley, on the border of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire, is a carpet of gold in March and April. There are few places in Britain where you can see flowers growing in the wild in such profusion. The route also passes through pretty apple orchards.

The daffodils, once grown for market, have naturalised in the fields and woodland at Oxenhall, Kempley and Dymock . Villages take turns at providing teas and local produce at the weekend. The attractive village of Dymock has a lovely church with an exhibition about the 'Dymock Poets' who included Rupert Brooke an Robert Frost. During the daffodil season, teas are often served in to church.

But it’s not just in the woods where daffodils are to be found. We have a number of interesting homegrown ones too :)

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