Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Another Cracking CheltLitFest

Caught the likes of ...

David Suchet, a great raconteur, have you heard the one about the penny clenched between the buttocks? He was hot foot from recording the very last of Poirot, soon to be televised. There were only a few words for Poirot left unspoken so Suchet read them on an earlier stage to be able to claim thet he had spoken every word the Agatha Christie ever wrote for her famous detective. Question of the session “did you ever have any amorous feelings toward Miss Lemon ?” :)

and PhilipPullman – another good raconteur!

Had to slip away after Phillip to go to friends joint 60th in Market Drayton. John,Sue and I met up whilst at Poly in Birmingham many moons ago and ended up sharing a room in a house in Rotton Park. A great musical and artistic family the night was everything you would expect. Met some people I hadn’t seen for many years.

Back to the Fest Sunday lunch for the amazingly talented Sir Terence David John "Terry" Pratchett

then JennyAgguter (been a big fan from the Railway Children days thru Logans Run, Equus, Walkabout, Sweet William et al)

Roll on 2013!

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