Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Another year older ...

The only way to spend a birthday, in good company in a Landmark Trust property. This year, accompanied by Marilyn n Marion, we headed west to Pembroke and the tiny city of St David.

The cottage at Tower Hill St Davids is situated just above the close wall at St David’s and has an amazing view of the cathedral and ruin of the bishops palace, A place of worship that was already ancient when the Normans built their cathedral beside it. The cathedral also houses the tomb of Henry VII father, Henry VIII grandfather, which it is said saved the cathedral from the reformation. St Davids is the smallest city in the UK. 

With the cathedral at one side and the Farmers Arms at the other it caters for both spiritual and worldly needs.

The coastal footpath round St Davids Head is stunning and culminates in ancient stone fortifications and cromlechs. We followed this with a trip to Strumble Head with its remote lighthouse. 

CoetanArthurDolmen.jpgCoetan Arthur is a Neolithic burial chamber dating from about 4000BC. It has a huge capstone almost 20ft (6m) wide, supported by a side stone over 3ft (1m) tall. It was almost certainly built this way, with one end resting on the ground, as an 'earthfast' megalith. It mimics the shape of Carn Llidi behind it. This coastline has a rich prehistoric past. There are also remains of ancient field patterns, enclosures and defensive banks dotted all around.

Then more cromlechs from the impressive Pentre Ifan 

to the smaller St Elvis.

Had a great meal at the wonderful Sloop at Perthgain with its picturesque harbour and amazing slate and loadstone works whose gigantic stone skips flowed crushed stone directly to the harbourside and waiting ships.

For breakfast and/or lunch 35 @ Solva is to be highly recommended for food and friendly service.

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