Thursday, 9 May 2013

Malta Moments

They said it was a remarkable place - they weren't wrong! The only down side, it's said Malta only has a dozen bad weather days a year n we got half of em :( That said we're not complaining as we wouldn't have toured half the places we did had it been wall to wall red hot sunshine.

We stayed in a rented apartment in the picturesque 'village' of Mellieha, on a hilltop dominated by the parish church - one of 365 on the island! The square had dancing coloured waters. The apartment had front and back balconies with views over the sea.

Malta is well served by arriva bus, you can travel anywhere on the island and a seven day ticket (e12) for all you can travel is excellent value - though were told during the season it can be hard to get on a bus as they fill up quite quickly.

Malta's sister island is Gozo reached by ferry, again very busy, just a few miles up the coast from Mellieha. Gozo is steeped in history and has many sites worth visiting.

We approached the capital, Valletta by ferry from Sliema having had to abandon the two harbour trip due to rough seas. Valletta is without doubt an amazing city, the history of Malta, and the mediterranian, runs through its very core.

it has an impressive armour collection -

The centre of the island boasts Mosta, Mdina and Rabat. Round almost every corner on the journey there are breathtaking panoramas.

a novel way to see some of the sights is by land train (often wondered what happened to Cheltenhams land trains - remember them??) or horse n trap.

The peoples of Malta collectively won the George Cross for bravery in WWII. The island and its people suffered gravely from blitzkrieg sheltering in miles of tunnels and caves manually carved out of the limestone rock. It was dark, damp and extremely cramped. Dirt and disease were rampant. You can get a fleeting insight into their plight at the WWII exhibition in the tunnels at Mellieha.

On a lighter note - Happy Birthday Sis :) 

and she found her knight in shining armour!

More pics HERE if interested.

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