Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Mancunian Way

Just got back from Manchester, a friends 60th, amongst the hightlights were:

Visit to the Manchester Peoples History Museum

Anyone who has ever campaigned
will recognise one of these :)
Well worth a visit if your up there. Great exhibitions, workspaces, cafe et al.

It celebrates some unsung heroes/heroins who fought against the odds to make life that little bit more bearable for working folk.

It was also great to see such a marvellous facility housed in such a wonderful, modern, well equiped and spacious venue

Trouble is, these days, many exhibits from the past I recognise from my youth.

They have an unbelievable collection of banners, many showing great skill, expertise and patience in their making.

Sporting an amazing arch it's a concentration of eateries - the biggest problem is choosing which one to eat at! After much indecision Marilyn plumped for The Little Yang Sing which proved a great choice :-p

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