Saturday, 20 September 2014

In the Steps of Lewis

Had an absorbing day in Oxford. Having previously done the dreaming spires this time we semi circumnavigated the river route. It was the day before Universities Open Day so loadsa potential students from all corners of the world meandering n lingering the open spaces. The more adventurous attempting punting the river with varying degrees of success :)

Exited through the botanical gardens, with the backdrop of Magdalene Collage Tower:

The gardens have an exceptional medicinal area, you realise how reliant we are on the extracts of these amazing, and often delicate, plants - and the price we might pay if the ecology suffered a major imbalance!

Ending with a pint of Fullers Pride and ambient jazz at Head of the River riverside pub used by Lewis and Hathaway to relax after a hard days policing - it is just round the corner from Thames Valley Police Station :)

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