Monday, 23 March 2015

The Calm and the Storm

Another extraordinary Spring day here in Gloucestershire so it was a return to the Daffodil Way to walk a different woods around Kilcot.

Been a good lambing season too:

The other fascination about walks here and in the Forest are the unexpected finds you keep coming upon. At the tail end of one field was the remains of the ill fated Newent coal mine - 

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We took a detour to wander a stretch of the Brokemoorhead Brook and a few miles on, would you believe, we ended up back at the Oxenhall tea tent and downed another welcoming bowl of broth before retracing our steps :-p

A strange coincidence. As we left Betty Dawes Wood yesterday a convoy of classic cars went by - Ford Anglias, Minis, Rileys et al. Today as we arrived, again, at Dymock Church for tea n cakes there was a rally on the green of Morgan three wheelers. Loud, brassy and just an amazing sight!

Often started with a side mounted starting handle the front mounted open twin cylinder engines ROARED into life Though a draw back seemed to be a lack of reverse gear so when one owner failed to complete a dog leg onto the main road he had to be pushed backward on an opposite lock in order to complete the manoeuvre :)

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