Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Black Country Pastimes

Inspired by Peaky Blinders we headed off to the Black Country Living Museum near Dudley. A real trip to the past. A learning experience for some a trip down memory lane for those of us who remember those times.

We were greeted by a working model of Newcomens steam engine, belching out smoke as it drove the great wooden nodding donkey cross beam.

Shivers down the spine from the sight and smell of the old school rooms. Images of blackened fingers from being ink monitor.

Don't just remember the shop. Remember the tin bath in front of the fire!

The museum also has a good collection of vintage vehicles

Trolley buses and trams still run through the grounds.

The highlight, though, was a walk through the canal side iron works used as the set on Peaky Blinders followed by the most amazin narrow boat trip, c/o the Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust, through part of the extensive tunnels and caverns of the old limestone works - some of which contain spectacular light shows.

and what better than finishing off with a jar in a CAMERA supported Black Country pub :-)

for more pics catch Marion's blog 

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