Sunday, 17 January 2016

Castling and Wassailing

On a crisp sunny January Saturday we headed down to south west Wales to Caldicot to peruse the castle and country park. Founded by the Normans the castle fell into royal hands as a stronghold in the Middle Ages and was finally restored as a Victorian family home.

Large parts of the country park were still under flood water but, booted up, the paths were still walkable.

Then up to Chepstow and its imposing river valley and castle.

From around 1067 through to 1690 century after century, the castle expanded along its narrow cliff top ridge. The oldest building is the Norman great tower but building work continued well into the 17th-century as medieval battlements were replaced by stronger musket-friendly parapets. Views from the battlements across the river valley are spectacular. Whilst admiring the views across the town we noticed a sizable gathering of Morris People. On closer inspection it was a Wassail gathering outside the Three Tuns.

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