Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A Valentines Weekend

The weekend before Valentines Marilyn and I went to see the snowdrops at the Rococo gardens and went for a walk around the local village of Painswick and I remembered a bistro advertising Valentines meals - Cardynham House. Chose here for the evening meal, lovely atmosphere, run by a lovely Spanish couple who couldn't be more attentive, and wonderful food (we went for the full three courses :-p )

Sunday was a crisp north wind but beautiful blue sky. Went to Newark Park for more snowdrops n daffodils - even the cherry blossom is out, mild winter so far! Loadsa people there but its a big place with lots of walks so it could handle it.

There are a number of (muddy) walks through woods on the estate and around the small lake.

The gardens also contain a number of follies, nooks n crannies

Early form of selfie :)
Was it something in the tea??

Lakeside Lodge

We didn't find the house one of the Trusts finest but it did have a few points of interest
an early chamber pot!

an early bed chamber

wall to wall porcelain cabinet

but wonderful views from the windows

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