Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Clevedon Refurbed

What a transformation. It was in the high teens n tee shirt weather last weekend so we took ourselves off to Cleveland. Its a wonderful small seaside town north of Weston with a marvellous Victorian Pier. Round the cove from the pier, just before the coastal footpath, was what used to be a large, beach side, open air sea swimming pool, It was a mess, it leaked and it was full of shopping trolleys and assorted detritus.

Well the town got together, got the funding, got a sponsor and completely renovated it and we just happened to pick the day of the grand opening. It now has a large clean swimming area and pontoon, sailing boat and kayak area and floaty balls you stuff kids in n float them off :) It was packed, great day for local traders n ice cream vendors!

Also renovated the dilapidated listed building, by the entrance to the pier, that had stood empty for years:

including spring blossom
Poets Walk, around the coast, has
much to offer

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