Friday, 13 January 2017

Sapperton Valley and Siccaridge Wood

The valley and woods consist of a stretch of the derelict Severn and Thames Canal, flood meadows and woodland. The site is managed by the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust under leasing arrangements with the Bathurst Estate since 1986.

disused canal tunnel now the abode of local bats

The wood is in the Frome Valley about half a mile west of Sapperton  and is sited next to the Thames and Severn Canal. Historical records have been traced to the mid 16th century at which time it was called Sickeridge Coppice and it belonged to the lord of the manor  The name Siccaridge comes from the old English sicor hyreg which means 'secure, safe ridge'. The Bathhurst Estate acquired the wood in 1861.

After an extensive walk through the woodland, twix the river and the canal, cross the road to a panoramic heathland walk with some interesting artifacts.

 The multitude of lichen is testimont to the clean and relatively unpoluted air.

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