Saturday, 23 September 2017

A shout out for Ceridwen Theatre Company

Had an interesting evening at Clearwell Caves in the Forest of Dean. A small Welsh theatre company - Ceridwen - put on 'Hell Was Passchendale'. 

We all assembled in the top cafe and were allocated a number. Split into three 'platoons' we were led down the long tunnel to the caves. The sound of bombardments were all around. Round the first bend we were corralled and disciplined by the Sargent Major. Further down we met a highly charged tunneller aka Birdsong mode. further on a highly distressed war nurse told tales of mutilated soldiers and horses. Finally being led into the main cave and a lifesize outline of a Churchill tank, disabled with a jammed escape hatch and slowly sinking into the mud of Paschendale, it's three occupants unable to escape. 

It was heavy with emotion and powerfully acted - you almost felt like you had been through hell with them. Great setting for this particular play.

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