Monday, 30 April 2018

Sunny Feurte Days

A few years back Marilyn and I had a great break in the north of Fuerteventura at Corralejo. This year, as part of Sis’s birthday trip to visit the south of the Island.
Happy Birthday Jean xxx
The Villas Monte Solana in Morro Jables did not disappoint. We had a ground floor apartment set on 3 floors with two fully equipped sun terraces and nest to the pool and spa area. The views across the expansive golden beach to the azure sea was spectacular.


Our cleaner had a way with origami’d towels :)

What was once a small fishing village with only 200 inhabitants, Morro Jable is now one of the biggest holiday resorts on the island, though at this time of year it did not feel overcrowded.

Morro Jable has miles of golden beaches and clear blue seas, shops, bars, restaurants and a whale skeleton :) Just beyond the old town there is a quaint harbour which is used by local fishermen and yachtsmen and has a sanctuary for stonehead turtles.

On the walk back from the old town these lovely critters can be seen scampering the vertical walls:

A short free bus ride from the shopping centre takes you to Oasis wildlife park and botanic gardens. You can easily while away a whole day meandering. They are heavily into rescue and breeding progs and have a wide range of animals and flora.

Bit of fun on the way back. First time we flew with Thompson. On the way back the co pilot announced that after 27 years flying this was our pilots last flight before retirement (round of applause) and the co pilot on this trip was his daughter (collective ahhh). He made a great landing (more applause) and as, apparently, is the custom in these circumstances the airport fire engines line up either side of the plane as it taxied in and fired their water canon in an arc over the plane :))

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