Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Happy New Year Folks !

Well here we are back from the (not so) frozen North. 

pressies for us n a bone for the doggies :)


Had a great festive season taking in Keswick - + a great rendition of Phillip Pullmans’ Firework Makers Daughter at the Theatre by the Lake – Dumfries, Gretna et al. Saw in the new year with Jools Holland (sign of the times :-/) but was great for all that.

Also had an amazing day on Caldbeck Fell, took a walk along the river and had tea in the quirky Watermill cafe.Sad news (for some) Caldbeck is to lose its most famouse landmarks, two giant repeater towers that have sat on top of the fell for as long as I can remember, soon to be dismantled. A sign of the digital age.

Get a Kindle this Christmas? Don't forget to order Angorichina by Marion Grace Woolley.

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