Monday, 16 January 2012

Winter Walks

The weekend was perfect walking weather, sharp frost followed by sunny days.

Saturday we headed again for the Forest of Dean to do one of the Soudley Circular Walks through the pine forest. The paths were churned, hard but walkable with the trusted boots. Much of the churning was due to heavy logging activity.

This particular walk had a spectacular viewpoint over the great oxbow on the Severn.

Just in time, from beyond the treescape came the welcome sight of the Dean Heritage Centre - and, of course, its tea shop :-p

Complete with Chinese Ducks, wrought iron sea horse, dragon, spider and amazing fungi -

Sunday was spent walking the seafront at Clevedon. To be honest it was more like a cold summers day in Brighton. Hoards of people taking full advantage of this unseasonal weather. The contrast was marvelous between the sunny seafront and dusklike eve over the estuary.

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