Monday, 16 June 2014

Dauntsey Village Gardens

This group of 5 gardens, abounding in ponds, croquet lawns, swimming pools and tennis courts, is centred around the historic Dauntsey Park Estate with its classical C18 country house in the setting of Dauntsey Park, with spacious lawns, old trees and views over the river Avon.

Loved the carving of the Green Man in the tree stump.

In one garden there were some interesting representations of wild life

The old church interior was quite amazing. Above the alter, painted on off cuts of logs, was a colourful collage of brimstone, hell and damnation that the congregation could look upon in the long sermons of a similar nature. Apparently many churches had these but most were wrecked or dismantle during the reformation. The parish priest here plastered over it and thus ensured its survival to be now one of only five left in England.

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