Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Goodnight Vienna

It's been a while, about 40 years actually (you could still park your car at the side of the road), since I passed through Vienna last. Was on a road trip, didn't stop long and didn't leave a lasting impression beyond it being expensive. This time we stayed a week and I certainly changed my mind. The architecture is just stunning in design and volume. Every apartment block being so individual, though our first hotel did stand out a bit ...

Hotel Kopling is part of the Kopling Foundation, an early social reformer and trades union organiser, the hotels are accessible and affordable and somewhat colourful - Marilyn was attending an international conference there.

Mid week we decamped to a more bohemian area and the Austria Trends Hotel in the Favoutienstrasse - can well recommend for friendliness, value for money and room size. Must also mention the integrated transport system of bus/tram/u-bahn et al and the pricing system of one price for one journey in the city - thought Prague was pretty well organised but Vienna outshines :) 

saintly Karl :)

You can tour the city ring by taking the tram #1 to the river Wien, hop off and down to the artificial beach riverside + cheap drinks with the students, then back on tram #2 - knocks the spots off the official city tours ;)

The centre is currently wall to wall Amadeus - love the statue and floral tribute ..

Wonderful parks and grand houses ..



Also did an interesting twist on the mirrored 'selfie'

Then it was off in the steps of Orson Wells in search of the Third Man :)

"So what if half a dozen of those small dots
down there stopped moving?"

At the base of the ferris wheel is an exhibition, inside old carriages, of significant periods in the parks development, including:

in its heyday
its destruction in the war

To escape the bustle of the city there are some quiet leafy walks (or cycle/nordic walk/skate - boarding whatever) along the Donauinsel, a long island twix river and canal - also home to the annual Donnauinselfest

Also on the bank, in Uno City, is a tall TV tower. Protruding from the top is a platform to which I quiped it would make a great bungee jump. Read the blue banner on the side and, yes, that's exactly what it is!

Vienna had an amazing street market, the Nachtmarkt, two lanes, about quater of a mile long, with food, spices n drinks from all over the world at really descent prices - the colours and smells are just divine. Whilst Vienna is not a leader in veggie food it is getting better and there are some notable eateries. As well as those in the Nachtmarkt, just off and up some steps leading through a passage is Nice Rice to be highly commended for its soup and mango lassi. Yamm has a very different concept, an incredible veggie buffet where you pay by weight of food. Finally within the student area of the inner Museumplatz, opposite the School of Architecture is Corbaci - food to die for - esp spinach dumplings in melted goats cheese sauce and apple strudle spring rolls in a divine custard :-p

The courtyard area was strewn with plastic recliners where singles/couples/foursomes can sit/lounge/lay and chillax.

... but all good things must come to an end, so it was goodnight Vienna - until the next time.

.... and on return the garden had burst into life

and Wimbledon was on :)

Cummon Andy !

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