Friday, 10 July 2015

Wick and the Confetti Fields of Pershore

After the formality of Spechley Park - 

The Berkeley Familys country pile, an imposing mansion built in 1811 on the ruined base of a moated Tudor house. On the eve of the Battle of Worcester in 1651 a 'disgruntled band of Scottish Presbyterian Royalists' burned the place down to stop Cromwell using it as an HQ.

the Berkeleys last resting place
amazing old cedar trees

the gardens of the village of Wick provided a contrast:

but the most amazing sight of all were the Confetti Fields. 25 acres of delphiniums and larkspur. The petals are harvested by hand, naturally air dried and hand packed. Really needs to be seen to be appreciated, a match for the extensive tulip fields of Kirkenhof.

impressive dry thunder storm

brought a bunch home

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