Sunday, 26 July 2015

Vaux Amazing

Just back from a whirlwind trip to long time friends Dave n Sue who are now firmly ensconced in Vaux sur Mer near St Palais France.

Shortly after we arrived we descended on the beach at neighbouring St Palais as the locals had arranged a firework display in honour of our arrival (OK they were gonna do it anyway :)

St Palais has a large horseshoe bay. The main fireworks were launched from a pontoon in the bay but enhanced when pyrotechnics went off all around the shoreline.

The following day a new local tradition was enacted. We Vauxites (and adopted Vauxites) gather at the town hall where candle lit laterns were distributed,

a lady was precariously perched, then strapped into, a v large tripod on wheels. Her head was illuminated in a hundred silver lights her skirt dropped and she transformed into a giant illuminated statue.

She was then joined by a far more sinister illuminated male giant on spring loaded stilts who lept around all over the place surprising and intimidating the crowd.

The final character in the tableau, an long illuminated, chinese type, dragon appeared. Loud music ensued, bubbles filled the air, as the mobile tableau danced and progressed through the park and down toward Nauzan beach. In the neighbouring town of St Palais the St Palaisites were doing similar things behind their (red) dragon. Heading from the opposite direction we all met on the beach for dragon dancing, juggling and more fireworks.

It was sunflower season in the surrounding countryside, acre upon acre, but they did appear camera shy,

Other highlights included -

a trip to the abbey at Sablonceaux

a wander round the town and harbour at Royon + scrummy icecream :-p

a fabulous sunset, one of many, viewed over a glass of excellent red wine

rounded off with good food and good wine at Nausicaa

All of this interspersed with beach swims, good music (esp clarinet :), food, wine, spirits and the best of company - what more could one ask ?

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